Definition of continually in English:



  • 1Repeated frequently in the same way; regularly.

    ‘this information is continually updated’
    • ‘The bar will continue to get higher and we will have to continually improve.’
    • ‘Scientists now know that's not true, and the brain continually rewires and adapts itself even in old age.’
    • ‘The real fruit of their battles is not the immediate success, but their own continually increasing unification.’
    • ‘Guterman is clearly concerned that the club as set up at the moment is going to lose money continually.’
    • ‘From Saturday, March 5 the Tesco Ireland store in Ardkeen will open for customers continually, seven days a week.’
    • ‘There was great activity, accompanied by a public address system continually calling for personnel to report.’
    • ‘All three of the songs are well-known and get shouted for during my gigs but I am continually writing new material.’
    • ‘We must continually strive to share effective practice.’
    • ‘At some point we need to move our focus back to the underlying cause or we are destined to continually throw money to the effects.’
    • ‘Do we want to continually discourage pilots from entering competitions?’
    • ‘Forgiving them does not mean allowing ourselves to be continually injured.’
    • ‘The matter of rebranding is continually under review.’
    • ‘Would we be better off obeying physical signals rather than continually overriding them?’
    • ‘This has led to a policy of continually escalating sanctions over a period of roughly twenty years.’
    • ‘These findings reflect the continually worsening nature of the disease rather than consequences of exacerbations.’
    • ‘Fitness professionals and athletes have a knack for continually pushing the envelope when it comes to the quest for heightened performance.’
    • ‘Instead of getting started on a big project and doing a little, we continually put it off and do less important tasks.’
    • ‘It's a very fast-paced industry, so to become involved, you will have to be continually learning.’
    • ‘For with all its significant localisations, Australian country music has continually been inspired by American models.’
    • ‘This service which will be continually updated will be of great value to parishioners who are far away from home.’
    frequently, regularly, repeatedly, recurrently, again and again, time and again, time and time again
    constantly, continuously, round the clock, day and night, night and day, morning, noon, and night, without a break, non-stop
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  • 2Without interruption; constantly.

    ‘I was continually moving around’
    • ‘He was interjecting continually.’
    • ‘His teammates marveled at the way he continually chased down Michael Vick, the quickest and most elusive quarterback in football.’
    • ‘The stem is continually circumnutating at a rapid rate, though not to a wide extent.’
    • ‘This caused Diane and Olly to grab knives and, intending to kill him, continually stab Victor until he died.’
    • ‘The underground water level was continually falling and the environment in the adjoining valleys was also deteriorating, he said.’
    • ‘You may have noted that Mr Brownlee interjected continually through that point of order.’
    • ‘Also, as they played the simulation, the credit counter continually informed them of the number of credits they possessed.’
    • ‘Making use of its own weight, it continually works to grind seeds into oil.’
    • ‘He beat at them continually with his whip, but they were so famished that they took no notice whatever.’
    • ‘The unconscious is continually active, creating combinations of its materials; these serve to indicate the future path of the individual.’
    • ‘Nik explains that you can stop roll-over pop-up things vanishing after a few seconds, by continually moving your mouse from side to side within the link text.’
    • ‘All I could do was sit back and watch as they made what sounded like haikus behind impassive masks and continually struck awkward poses.’
    • ‘The amplification happens when each photon scatters around many times inside the powder, continually eliciting more photons as it travels on a so-called random walk.’
    • ‘The mound is built by workers continually transporting grains of sand from as deep as 100 metres.’
    • ‘For me, continually changing the movements keeps my mind fresh and my body guessing what will come next.’
    • ‘For example, in Iceland I positioned myself at the same coordinates for twenty-four hours and continually recorded the sounds and images of that location.’
    • ‘Each participant spent a couple of weeks getting pledges of money for time spent in a continually moving rocking chair.’
    • ‘Eating more often will keep your metabolism running in high gear while continually supplying your body with the nutrients it needs to recover and grow.’
    • ‘In my reading today, you saw how I was continually moving around and across various boundaries.’
    • ‘Vaughan 6 Had a torrid first half against McSporran and was continually outpaced, but fought back well.’
    constantly, continuously, round the clock, day and night, night and day, morning, noon, and night, without a break, non-stop
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