Definition of continental slope in US English:

continental slope


  • The slope between the outer edge of the continental shelf and the deep ocean floor.

    • ‘These deep water whales are usually found in the vicinity of seamounts and continental slopes in temperate and subarctic waters.’
    • ‘So today for instance if we go out into parts of the ocean on continental slopes we find methane but under high pressure and low temperature and water it actually forms a solid.’
    • ‘In 1929, for example, a relatively modest quake triggered an undersea landslide on the continental slope off Canada.’
    • ‘The continental slope is cut by two canyons, the Magnaghi Canyon and the Dohrn Canyon.’
    • ‘We then ran down the margin of the Antarctic Peninsula to about 68 degrees W where we slipped off the continental slope into deep water.’
    • ‘The continental slope would therefore give, apart from rare exceptions, a good approximation of the precise extent of the continent domain.’
    • ‘Fishermen sailed to the nearby continental slope, where they specialized in migratory species.’
    • ‘This problem with the sediment trap technique is probably restricted to the continental slope and shelf and will not occur over abyssal depths.’
    • ‘We've got to see if they extend all the way out to 4,000 metres and what the details of the continental slope look like out there.’
    • ‘This paper is an annotated list of deep-sea fish species found in the northern Mid-Atlantic Bight and northwards to the Scotian continental slope.’
    • ‘Gas hydrate is found in sub-oceanic sediments in the polar regions and in continental slope sediments, where pressure and temperature conditions combine to make it stable.’
    • ‘The limestone and shale interbeds are interpreted to be the result of deposition in quiet waters of moderate depth at or near the base of a continental slope.’
    • ‘On the continental slope, submarine landslides and slope stability may require avoidance rather than engineering.’
    • ‘Currents also carry organic material down the continental slope from the land.’
    • ‘This complex accumulated on a continental rise and contains distal equivalents of continental slope deposits in the Lamayuru Complex.’
    • ‘Also other environments are represented including evidence for colonization of the continental slope.’
    • ‘The first ones we succeeded in raising came not from vents but from shallower, 2,000-foot-deep communities at cold methane seeps on the Louisiana continental slope.’
    • ‘The species inhabits continental slopes of all southern continents.’
    • ‘Sperm whales' favourite feeding areas include deep waters around the continental slope west of the British Isles and north towards Iceland.’
    • ‘Most catsharks live in seas above the upper continental slope, a location that makes it difficult to observe these sharks and collect specimens.’


continental slope

/ˌkɑn(t)əˈnɛn(t)l sloʊp/