Definition of contentiousness in US English:



  • See contentious

    • ‘The contentiousness also reached Washington, where the Justice Department approved the plan although staff lawyers concluded that it diluted minority voting rights.’
    • ‘The contentiousness they can arouse is so intense, the struggle to control riverine bounties is echoed in the synonym for ‘opponent’ - rival.’
    • ‘Despite the contentiousness of a mandatory fee for a universal transit pass, it did pass by a small majority.’
    • ‘Tired of the contentiousness of extremes in conflict?’
    • ‘The tone suggests the contentiousness of those uncertain times.’
    • ‘Panel shows the contentiousness of immigration issues.’
    • ‘When asked to comment on the often-reported contentiousness between doctors and sales reps, Crocker takes a psychodynamic approach.’
    • ‘But while there is contentiousness, there is hardly a debate.’
    • ‘With so much potential contentiousness, how does cooperation start?’
    • ‘The concern is not with the way scientists and geographers parcel out land in manageable pieces, although this is where the contentiousness surrounding bioregionalism resides.’
    • ‘Rather, his competence would be questioned for allowing so much contentiousness to exist on his patch.’
    • ‘Despite the contentiousness of her vacation behavior, it is still my opinion that she should have been allowed to continue as a newscaster in Youngstown.’
    • ‘My parents divorced when I was two, and the only thing I regret is that I didn't even meet my father until I was 8 because of the contentiousness of the divorce, which was apparently as ugly as it gets.’
    • ‘Both generally disagree with conservatism and the President causing the council to be troubled by internal contentiousness.’
    • ‘The ideal seemed to be media that better reflect America, with its diversity, its ideological contentiousness, its multitude of values and standards.’
    • ‘Given the fiery contentiousness that defines our current academic milieu, we would do well to emulate the tough-minded but collegial exchange between Howe and Ellison.’
    • ‘The contentiousness came to a head just before the primary, when the two candidates met in the street and engaged in a half-hour verbal slugfest.’
    • ‘Since then, interest in the question has continued with an undiminished level of unsettled contentiousness.’
    • ‘Bravery and contentiousness are a big part of Georges's story.’
    • ‘By contrast, veto messages by their very nature involve disagreement and may, in some instances at least, slip over into contentiousness.’