Definition of contentedly in US English:



  • In a way that expresses happiness or satisfaction.

    ‘he sighed contentedly’
    • ‘Even in traffic, the engine saunters along contentedly at low revs, keeping fuel consumption down.’
    • ‘The couple contentedly settled down for the winter in a small town in the Alps.’
    • ‘Humming it to herself, contentedly, she fell asleep.’
    • ‘He plays the part of Frank, a successful dentist who's contentedly boring.’
    • ‘Behind him is a large wagon, with an old horse contentedly grazing near it.’
    • ‘By midsummer, she was swimming contentedly with members of her pod.’
    • ‘He contemplated living like this forever, lounging contentedly in the sun to the rhythm of the girl's dance.’
    • ‘Whether you laugh contentedly or scratch your head may depend on how accustomed you are to making up your own mind about things.’
    • ‘There's a dog sleeping on my stomach, snoring contentedly.’
    • ‘Some wind chimes tinkle in the breeze, and a woman babbles contentedly in Japanese.’