Definition of content provider in US English:

content provider


  • A person or organization who supplies information for use on a website.

    ‘the content provider for short law and practice news updates’
    ‘he worked for an Internet content provider’
    • ‘Again, the content providers don't access the user's billing information directly, they just get to know if they're good for the money.’
    • ‘And I'll probably make faces at Adam there too, as he participates in a panel on the role of the independent content provider.’
    • ‘There are serious problems of protection for content providers that have to be addressed either through technology or some policy somewhere.’
    • ‘I doubt that the authors of the bill intended the bill to apply generally to all digital content providers, but the language suggests it might.’
    • ‘Here's the deal: as you know, these have been difficult times for online content providers.’
    • ‘The United States government is the largest single content provider of information on the Web.’
    • ‘In part that's because a blogger is the sole content provider for his or her blog, whereas a columnist - or even an anchorman - is only a cog in a larger media machine.’
    • ‘For this to happen, of course, Internet content providers would need to begin thinking more about democracy.’
    • ‘The war between content providers and technology continues apace.’
    • ‘So we know what happens when some of the content providers start putting ads in their feeds - our members drop them like hot potatoes and pick up other feeds.’
    • ‘Each specific site was identified as either a portal or a specialized content provider.’
    • ‘Contact us directly for B2B syndication, headline partner content block information, or visit some of our content provider links.’
    • ‘We've evolved from a ‘book with a Web site’ to a content provider across all media.’
    • ‘As advertising became less of a resource for monetary support sites also laid off their content providers and trimmed their staffs.’
    • ‘The user of the system may then receive data directly from the content provider's web site, as if they had clicked on a hyperlink from within a conventional browser.’
    • ‘It knows how to add value by maximizing network opportunities for content providers.’
    • ‘Interactivity overseas has already taken a foothold as content providers and distributors expand their interactive offerings.’
    • ‘The pendulum is swinging toward device and software manufacturers and content providers who are finding ways to bypass service providers.’
    • ‘Particularly when you consider that it's being made available voluntarily and without cost, and the content providers aren't being paid one red cent to do it.’
    • ‘Not only do consumers not get how to use tags, lots of content providers don't get it either, and the squabbling over formats is maddening.’