Definition of contemptuously in US English:



  • In a scornful way that shows disdain.

    ‘he contemptuously dismisses his son's work’
    • ‘She stopped pacing to fold her arms over her chest and look contemptuously on the boy.’
    • ‘Critics who express doubts about the underpinnings of the current recovery are contemptuously shot down.’
    • ‘Even debate about available options will be stonewalled or contemptuously brushed aside with "my nation, right or wrong" attitudes.’
    • ‘There are clown voodoo dolls flung contemptuously across the room to land all floppy on a shelf.’
    • ‘He likes to present himself as a historian, contemptuously rejecting what eminent historians and experienced history teachers tell him about the history curriculum.’
    • ‘He hit back on Tuesday, contemptuously dismissing the economics professor as a "little leader."’
    • ‘He contemptuously declined to take his fee in irredeemable currency, however profusely offered.’
    • ‘She opened her eyes, staring contemptuously into the shadows that greeted her.’
    • ‘She would be unlikely to advance her interests by sneering contemptuously at the people of her own state.’
    • ‘He later contemptuously called his own painting "trash."’