Definition of contemporaneously in US English:



  • See contemporaneous

    • ‘They wouldn't have been all contemporaneously working on it full-time.’
    • ‘Alternative forms of Black protest music emerging subsequent to bebop significantly influenced writers contemporaneously engaged in the process of provoking cultural evolution and revolution.’
    • ‘Nurses reported that up to 60% of their medications are not recorded contemporaneously but are charted at shift end or post hoc by the nurse manager via global computer commands.’
    • ‘I would have thought that a matter of that importance would inevitably have been recorded contemporaneously in the very full notes that are before the court.’
    • ‘The programme, producers declare, will be ‘told contemporaneously through the main characters directly involved’.’
    • ‘First, we used data collected independently, but contemporaneously, from African-American male adolescents and their mothers.’
    • ‘His entire output, however, is song-saturated; many of his symphonies are thematically related to vocal material on which he was working contemporaneously.’
    • ‘Damages are notionally intended to be such as will exhaust the fund, contemporaneously with the termination of the plaintiff's life expectancy.’
    • ‘However, on further reflection and deliberation, I am prepared to accept the defendant's evidence that he did make the note contemporaneously with the meeting of October 10, 1997.’
    • ‘Almost contemporaneously, another similar movement was taking place in the south under the vigorous direction of the Chalukyas.’
    • ‘But at the end of the 17th century and during the early years of the 18th, two styles were in production contemporaneously and were sold alongside virtually identical imported wares.’
    • ‘The guard recorded the incident contemporaneously in a sworn statement.’
    • ‘It's easy to forget that writers are readers, too, and that writing is a dual act - the act of putting the words down and the act of comprehending them both contemporaneously and after the fact.’
    • ‘That is, our understanding of how the parent influences the child is limited to portions of the parent's life course that are unfolding contemporaneously with the child's.’
    • ‘All these remedies could be exercised at any time or times simultaneously or contemporaneously or successively or not at all.’
    • ‘There are also sites where garden beds and corn hills have been carefully arranged and give every indication of having been constructed and used contemporaneously by a single cultural group.’
    • ‘Answering these questions would help us understand how accounting concepts and techniques evolved contemporaneously with changes in technology and the world economy.’
    • ‘The Spartans, just a hundred miles from Athens, contemporaneously developed such a public system.’
    • ‘But contemporaneously with it, in the freer civil society of London, a modern form of theatre was beginning to emerge.’
    • ‘I think we'll be hearing from John soon, but in the meantime, Mark has sent us his impressions of the trip, recorded contemporaneously.’