Definition of contact process in US English:

contact process


  • The major industrial process used to make sulfuric acid, by oxidizing sulfur dioxide in the presence of a solid catalyst and absorbing the resulting sulfur trioxide in water.

    • ‘A method for integrating salicide and borderless contact processes while avoiding current leakage at the shallow trench isolation edge is described.’
    • ‘The population model used was a discrete-time version of the basic contact process, modified slightly to respond to the habitat types of the landscape.’
    • ‘Because of the purity of the acid produced, the contact process replaced the lead-chamber process during the late 1800s.’
    • ‘This page describes the Contact Process for the manufacture of sulphuric acid, and then goes on to explain the reasons for the conditions used in the process.’
    • ‘Contrarily to the conventional contact processes in which dry mixtures of sulphur dioxide and air are treated, wet gas is used in the wet gas process.’