Definition of consumer research in US English:

consumer research


  • The investigation of the needs and opinions of consumers, especially with regard to a particular product or service.

    • ‘Marketed as the world's first robotic vacuum cleaner, this nifty gadget has been developed over several years at the company's research and development facility in Stockholm and is based on in-depth consumer research.’
    • ‘For example, machine-rolled cigars typically contain paper and wood fillers, so all the tobacco ingredients in Vega Fina Natural indexed very high in consumer research.’
    • ‘The changes, according to director of marketing communications Dave Smetter, stemmed directly from consumer research on product and package preferences.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, an amazingly small percentage of these product-oriented auto suppliers do their own consumer research with product users.’
    • ‘He will be responsible for publicizing new product development, consumer research and advanced molding systems.’
    • ‘Those with a flexible view of brand equity find comfort in consumer research where they see proof of their brand's flexibility.’
    • ‘So consumer research is incredibly important.’
    • ‘New market entry includes identification of new markets and product launches while new product development covers items such as feasibility studies, consumer research, patenting and test marketing.’
    • ‘After extensive consumer research, it became clear that a complete redesign was the only move forward for the brand.’
    • ‘Knowing that advertisers crave ever more precise consumer research and targeting capabilities, Golden built a site that entices users to register and share demographic information.’
    • ‘The effort, with tagline developed by Ogilvy Public Relations, Washington, seeks to counter the common misconception found through consumer research that National Parks are merely the big nature ranges out West.’
    • ‘The company has streamlined its existing product range and launched the new lines after extensive consumer research.’
    • ‘When combined with psychographic research, such data provides Hallmark with a powerful marketing tool, says Jay Dittmann, the firm's vice president of consumer research.’
    • ‘In 2005, a new generation of Zippo licensed products will debut, these ones founded on consumer research rather than family wisdom.’
    • ‘That's why the company is refining the look, fit, and marketing strategy for the Gap brand through focus groups, extensive staff surveys, and consumer research with Leo Burnett USA.’
    • ‘Partners who are interested in acquiring new skills - consumer research, for example - often work with another partner who's already knowledgeable in that area.’
    • ‘Haben credits Kraft's award-winning consumer research, product research and development and sales organization with growing its brands.’
    • ‘The industry's trade association, the Food Marketing Institute, frequently funds consumer research and advises its members on new ways to use cash register scanner data to track changing customer preferences.’
    • ‘‘We know in our consumer research, that it's has been an attractive proposition for seniors,’ Litel said.’
    • ‘His office has conducted national consumer research and compared those results to similar research done 1 1/2 years ago.’


consumer research

/kənˌs(y)o͞omər rəˈsərCH/