Definition of consumer goods in US English:

consumer goods

plural noun

  • Goods bought and used by consumers, rather than by manufacturers for producing other goods.

    Often contrasted with capital goods
    • ‘Yet you are gorging yourself on disposable consumer goods while the world starves.’
    • ‘So contrary to popular thinking, more savings actually expands and not contracts the flow of consumer goods.’
    • ‘Not long ago Unilever, manufacturers of consumer goods, opened business in the city.’
    • ‘In the production of many consumer goods, novelty in product design and appearance is now important.’
    • ‘It dominates in manufacturing of consumer goods too, and produces nearly all the world's running shoes.’
    • ‘There are many people involved in the selling of consumer goods and services.’
    • ‘There is increasing concern over the disposal of these consumer goods due to the volume and composition of the waste.’
    • ‘Yet do our televisions, telephones, videos and other consumer goods represent affluence or poverty?’
    • ‘People therefore purchase homes, country houses, cars, and consumer goods to stock them.’
    • ‘Prices for most manufactured and consumer goods are either flat or declining.’
    • ‘In the past year, consumer goods and autos have accounted for half the overall advance in imports.’
    • ‘The most daunting thing about China is not its ability to make cheap consumer goods.’
    • ‘They are making the manufacturers of consumer goods responsible for the fate of what they manufacture.’
    • ‘If this technology can be applied to consumer goods at the household level, that will be big.’
    • ‘So you have a very wide range of products in demand - from consumer goods to capital goods.’
    • ‘There was also unmet local demand for business services, not just consumer goods.’
    • ‘It was in consumer goods that the shortfalls were most marked.’
    • ‘Most manufactured and consumer goods available in Greenland are imported from Denmark.’
    • ‘These measures had the effect of killing off Western imports, especially those of luxury consumer goods.’
    • ‘Around one third of the space would have been used to sell food, with the remainder given over to consumer goods.’


consumer goods

/kənˈs(y)o͞omər ˌɡo͝odz//kənˈs(j)umər ˌɡʊdz/