Definition of constructivist in US English:



  • 1Art
    A practitioner of a style in which mechanical objects are combined into abstract mobile forms.

    ‘the Russian constructivists adopted these techniques for their large constructions’
    • ‘The severe abstract art of the Russian constructivists came to Germany with the Russian Exhibition in Berlin in 1922.’
    • ‘These non-objective principles were carried on by the constructivists and the De Stijl artists and thus significantly influenced the development of Western art and design.’
    • ‘Permutation is a typically modern device and considerable use was made of it in the plastic arts by the constructivists.’
    • ‘He was attractive to Dadaists, futurists, cubists, constructivists, abstract expressionists, and surrealists.’
    • ‘After the revolution, the abstract works of constructivists were supported by the head of the People's Commissariat of Enlightenment.’
    • ‘Like other constructivists, he came to reject pure art as a parasitical activity.’
    • ‘Her work is stylistically influenced by the graphic, painterly, and photographic elements often combined in the collages of the Russian constructivists.’
    • ‘We see something similar in the De Stijl artists and the constructivists.’
    • ‘Computers allow new structural techniques never previously imagined (except in dreams and the sketchbooks of the expressionists and constructivists).’
    • ‘Tatlin is generally remembered as a constructivist, a term he did not invent but willingly adopted.’
  • 2Mathematics
    An adherent of a view that admits as valid only constructive proofs and entities demonstrable by them.

    • ‘One can see that if such a method were found, then it would also serve to define the scope and content of mathematics for the constructivists.’
    • ‘Most mathematicians do not accept the constructivist's thesis.’
    • ‘After the constructivists had finished with mathematics, compared with the immensity of modern mathematics, what would the wretched remnant mean?’
    • ‘It recalls the experiments with volume, space, and geometry initiated by the constructivists nearly a century ago.’
    • ‘The weak relatives are irrelevant theories, born out of artificial restrictions imposed by Greek mathematicians, similar to the restrictions of the constructivists.’


  • 1Art
    Relating to or denoting a style in which mechanical objects are combined into abstract mobile forms.

    ‘the constructivist aesthetic of the building’
    • ‘At once fractious and oddly meditative, her meticulously composed works have constructivist roots but lean toward a digital present and future.’
    • ‘The striking sculpture is both classical and constructivist, as the artist placed a Greek warrior's helmet over a kind of chariot wheel.’
    • ‘For many years, he has made polychrome wooden constructions that, in their angular energy, recall constructivist sculpture.’
    • ‘At times, representation segues into abstraction, as in the crags of the town quarry, which suggest constructivist triangles and squares.’
    • ‘The subsequent reliefs were somewhat reminiscent of the constructivist reliefs illustrated in Rickey's book.’
    • ‘A series of definitively drafted, untitled collages dating from the 1940s allude to the purely constructivist underpinnings of Oteiza's works.’
    • ‘Gummer began to build abstract sculptures in a constructivist vein in 1968.’
    • ‘Relief was a favorite constructivist format.’
    • ‘With the rise of Brazilian modernism, the constructivist impulse was reborn and re-imagined in a more aestheticized, less overtly political form.’
    • ‘Her idea of reconciling art and industry was realized in the constructivist movement.’
  • 2Mathematics
    Consistent with or relating to a view that admits as valid only constructive proofs and entities demonstrable by them.

    ‘a constructivist conception of mathematics’
    • ‘The following vignettes provide a glimpse of some changes for students and teachers in a constructivist mathematics classroom.’
    • ‘This aspect of constructivist teaching makes students aware of the applications of math.’
    • ‘You can engage in constructivist math using the tried-and-true algorithm.’
    • ‘He presents a comparative assessment of constructivist and traditionalist approaches to establishing mathematical connections in learning multiplication.’
    • ‘In constructivist mathematics, the truth value of a proposition is dependent on whether we are able to prove it.’