Definition of constructionist in US English:



  • 1

    another term for constructivist (see constructivism)
    • ‘His influences range from the Russian constructionists to the Bauhaus movement, and he has been inspired by everything from scrapyards to architecture and coastlines.’
    • ‘The adherents of the Bauhaus school and Russian constructionists, riding on the wave of the industrialization of the society, proclaimed the dominance of function.’
  • 2US A person who puts a particular construction upon a legal document, especially the US Constitution.

    • ‘It's a little frightening to think what this decision could mean in the hands of one of those strictly Republican constructionists, isn't it?’
    • ‘As conservative constructionists, they would abide by the law passed by the legislature, allowing for abortion to continue.’
    • ‘He promised to nominate strict conservative constructionists to the federal bench.’
    • ‘Strict constructionists like the Senator might think not.’
    • ‘Strict constructionists believe that government policy making should be left to the Executive and Legislative branches of government.’
    • ‘Strict constructionists lie when they claim that if a right is not in the Constitution it doesn't exist.’
    • ‘Will the conservative constructionists, who believe that the Founding Fathers actually were pretty clear in their intent and that that intent hasn't changed over the years, form the majority?’
    • ‘What interests me is that Conservatives seem to accept that he fits the bill of a judge who will perform a strict reading of the Constitution, not some constructionist who will find things like a ‘right to privacy’ tucked away in the text.’