Definition of constitutionally in US English:



  • 1In a way that is in accordance with a political constitution.

    ‘basic constitutionally mandated rights’
    • ‘The Court has held that some kinds of official discrimination require a very strong justification if they are to be constitutionally upheld.’
    • ‘The admission of evidence must first be deemed constitutionally permissible.’
    • ‘The decision did not address whether the application of the law would also avoid infringing on constitutionally protected rights of free speech.’
    • ‘Unblocking websites or disabling the filter is essentially a work-around solution for flawed software that blocks constitutionally protected speech.’
    • ‘In such a circumstance, you just have to obey the will of the Parliament so long as it is constitutionally valid.’
    • ‘Government or public interest in making such stops outweighs the constitutionally protected interest of the private citizen.’
    • ‘These clubs are constitutionally not allowed to go into debt.’
    • ‘Different library staff members making different judgments involving content or even viewpoint bias is constitutionally shaky at best.’
    • ‘He was given "use and derivative use" immunity, a constitutionally mandatory grant whenever a person is compelled to provide self-incriminating statements.’
    • ‘The ruling party holds a numerical majority, but it is short of the two-thirds majority constitutionally required to form a government.’
  • 2In a way that relates to someone's nature or physical condition.

    ‘a person constitutionally incapable of compromise’
    ‘I'm constitutionally pessimistic’
    • ‘I want to argue that the discipline is constitutionally fated to suffer from a quiet melancholic malaise.’
    • ‘Such states exist among the aged or constitutionally frail or infirm.’
    • ‘Literary studies are constitutionally different from historical work.’
    • ‘The question as to whether albinos are more or less constitutionally vigorous than pigmented individuals may be tested by exact measurement.’
    • ‘He was not constitutionally a strong man, but he was able to faithfully fulfill the duties of his pastorate until a fortnight ago.’
    • ‘Its obvious from the record that the newly created institute was constitutionally flawed from the start.’
    • ‘This idea that those who turn to crime (or overeat, over drink, etc.) are constitutionally inferior remains quite popular.’
    • ‘There were 17 cases, and the only fatal one was that of a little girl with constitutionally weak lungs.’
    • ‘Most successful entrepreneurs I know are constitutionally incapable of going along with the crowd.’
    • ‘He was not constitutionally robust, and his pursuits were different from those of other boys of the same age.’