Definition of constitutionalist in US English:



  • See constitutionalism

    • ‘This tradition feeds the attitude that unites the serious, almost obsessed crowd here: the belief that they are the true patriots, staunch constitutionalists fiercely dedicated to the ideals that make America great.’
    • ‘And although American and British ideas of constitutional government dominated the first stage of the French Revolution, the constitutionalists were soon swept aside by the dictatorship of the Jacobin club.’
    • ‘He is regarded as a solid thinker, someone of a likable disposition, and a good constitutionalist.’
    • ‘One means - not persuasive to a strict constitutionalist - of checking government is the existence of a competitive party system in which the main opposition party has a realistic prospect of displacing the government.’
    • ‘Despite his origins as a Whig and a constitutionalist, he is widely revered as the father of militant Irish republicanism.’