Definition of conspecific in US English:



  • (of animals or plants) belonging to the same species.

    • ‘There are increasing concerns about the risks of gene flow from transgenic cultivars to conspecific weeds.’
    • ‘Females captured ovipositing exhibited the same choice when they were subjected to preference tests, regardless of whether the discriminations were made among conspecific plants or heterospecific plants.’
    • ‘When predators are omnivorous, prey may avoid predators that have fed on conspecific prey, but they may lack such a response if these same predators have consumed other food sources.’
    • ‘However, conspecific trees at different sites may differ in the pattern of growth rate with age.’
    • ‘The model considers a group of conspecific animals searching for food simultaneously.’


usually conspecifics
  • A member of the same species.

    ‘the rabbit was isolated from male conspecifics’
    • ‘Their large eyes probably help them locate conspecifics and aid in visual communication, if any exists.’
    • ‘Similarly, the population must be effectively isolated from wintering conspecifics.’
    • ‘Thus, in this unsworded species, neither females nor males appear to prefer conspecifics of the other sex with swords to those with clear attachments.’
    • ‘Relatively little is known of P. spathula behavior towards conspecifics or members of different species.’
    • ‘The size of a pair's territory and the extent to which they defend it from conspecifics depends on the species and the habitats.’