Definition of consilient in US English:



  • See consilience

    • ‘But again, I don't believe that top-down and bottom-up systems necessarily have to stand in opposition; the two models may ultimately prove consilient.’
    • ‘The change is found in the broad, multidisciplinary coalitions of empirical scientists who have studied human nature at many different levels of analysis - and who find that the truth is consilient.’
    • ‘In practice there seem to have been two major gulfs between these evidently consilient fields, both of which this important book makes initiatives to cross.’
    • ‘The objective is to elucidate the predictions of alternate functional models and see if the character-state changes of independently derived phylogenetic analyses are consilient with them.’
    • ‘The thing about consilient arguments - as the 150-year history of Darwin's argument for evolution by natural selection has shown - is that they oscillate.’