Definition of consignment in English:



  • 1A batch of goods destined for or delivered to someone.

    ‘a consignment of beef’
    • ‘I am further advised that a temporary hold on consignments of beef products from Canada will remain in place until further information is available from Canada.’
    • ‘He would unlock the warehouse and let the men in, but did not help unload the drugs or hide them among legitimate consignments, such as washing powder.’
    • ‘The minority of farmers involved in this practice pay dealers to deliver consignments of sheep to their farms.’
    • ‘As an example, I was given a drug dealer who spoke to his confederates about consignments of marmalade.’
    • ‘Rather than attack us directly, the Germans have been creeping in the back door by sending large consignments to Ireland which have then been reprocessed and forwarded on to Britain, often under another label.’
    • ‘If the EU commission is serious about consumer safety all consignments of grain and feed ingredients entering the community should be tested for the presence of harmful residues.’
    • ‘Other smaller consignments were also stopped, ranging in size from 14 kg to 50 kg blocks, as the drugs were shuffled from storage places to dealers across the south.’
    • ‘The bulk of the cannabis comprised a small number of large consignments, concealed in ‘cover cargoes’, that were detected at Dublin Port.’
    • ‘Coming back to the US are consignments of drugs, especially cocaine.’
    • ‘Typically, criminals will divert consignments destined for a bonded depot straight to consumers where they will be sold without tax being paid.’
    • ‘He said: ‘It's a massive haul, one of the biggest consignments seized and by far the biggest by air.’’
    • ‘He'd supervise the delivery of vast consignments of drugs and olive oil until he decided to go into business for himself.’
    • ‘If large consignments of brown trousers and bicycle clips are not being delivered to the back door of Number 10, then its denizens are too stupid to survive.’
    • ‘Various items have been seized in recent days and weeks, ranging from illicit consignments of cigarettes to more egregious commodities such as illegal drugs.’
    • ‘Excise diversion fraud involves the falsification of export documents so that consignments of alcohol purportedly destined for the continent are diverted to the home market without payment of excise duty.’
    • ‘One of the biggest consignments of drugs by mail found was more than 16,000 ecstasy tablets seized in 2004.’
    • ‘In Nigeria, huge consignments of drugs expired due to lack of effective controls and delivery procedures.’
    • ‘They had observed deliveries and collections and knew it was the practice of security companies to put the smallest amount of cash into the first consignments loaded into the vans.’
    • ‘The anti-theft tags are designed to disrupt the criminal networks that target consignments of goods destined for high street shops.’
    • ‘Their familiarity with export licensing and their ability to corrupt officials and hide illicit cargo in legal consignments could all assist nuclear smuggling.’
    delivery, shipment, load, containerload, shipload, boatload, lorryload, truckload, cargo
    batch, lot, haul, goods
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    1. 1.1 The action of consigning or delivering something.
      • ‘We specialize in consignment of vehicles and currently have over 100 vehicles on our lot.’
      • ‘Provisions for the consignment of liquid nitrogen shall also be fulfilled.’
      • ‘In the evening, lulled by the callousness of another day of sameness, we cast the issue upon a stack in a proscribed corner of our homes, for consignment to the kabariwalla at the end of the month.’
      • ‘Customers then receive email replies that provide a full status report on each consignment, from collection and delivery times to the name of the person who signed for the shipment.’
      • ‘There are basically three venues offered to you: you can sell wholesale, or through consignment, or via shows where you are personally present.’
      • ‘Provide a copy for the livestock transporter to complete the transporter declaration for the consignment of pigs and retention in transporter company records.’
      • ‘The Claimants say it is up to the Defendants to satisfy themselves that any given consignment of goods is legitimate; and if it is not, they act at their peril.’
    2. 1.2US Agreement to pay a supplier of goods after the goods are sold.
      ‘new and used children's clothing on consignment’
      • ‘Once the broker has made his bids, the tuna are purchased on consignment.’
      • ‘It is not however, the work I take to galleries or sell on consignment.’
      • ‘Many of Argentina's fruits are exported on consignment and stored in gigantic refrigerated warehouses in the Dutch port of Rotterdam.’
      • ‘We have goods on consignment that we have to pay for in January.’
      • ‘Sell the other one on consignment or give it to a niece for dress-up.’
      • ‘Send a complimentary book to 50 top bookstores with a press release asking them to consider carrying your book on consignment.’
      • ‘It sells all clothing on consignment, and carries a small selection of second-hand clothing as well.’
      • ‘However, when you sell on consignment, you aren't paid until your work is sold to a customer.’
      • ‘As a teen, I'd make baby clothes and sell them on consignment.’
      • ‘Also, consider using a local leather maker who is willing to place belts and holsters in your shop on consignment, plus, take custom orders.’
      • ‘The prints are lent to the gallery on consignment, with the photographer recouping his investment only if the prints sell.’
      • ‘Not all vendors are willing to sell on consignment, however.’
      • ‘Most of these goods were dispatched on consignment in the expectation that they would sell quickly.’
      • ‘They acquire their goods on consignment from wholesale merchants in the larger towns, then carry them on the train into the countryside.’
      • ‘Somebody from New York said once they would sell the baskets on consignment, but they ended up sitting in a warehouse.’
      • ‘Part of this is based on ‘bending over backwards’ for customers and offering some of the best prices in the region, particularly on used guns, which are often taken in on consignment.’
      • ‘The tapes were sent to hardware stores all over the country on consignment at a 43 percent discount to be paid when they were sold.’
      • ‘Another issue is, you can't provide a return policy or trade-in policy on artwork if the primary inventory in your gallery is on consignment.’
      • ‘The rest of the cannabis will be sold on consignment.’
      • ‘See if you can obtain a few pieces on consignment.’