Definition of conoid in US English:


(also conoidal)


  • Approximately conical in shape.

    • ‘He pulled himself up to its conoidal head and stared down.’
    • ‘Rather, the coracoclavicular ligament (trapezoid and conoid ligaments) provides the major structural support for the joint and is the primary ligament injured in an AC sprain, otherwise known as a separated shoulder.’
    • ‘The ligament is a thickening of the clavipectoral fascia and is attached to the coracoid process of the scapula and is inserted onto the conoid tubercle and trapezoid line of the clavicle.’
    • ‘The introduction of the conoidal bullet in the mid-nineteenth century greatly increased the range, accuracy, and striking power of small-arms fire, and in the Civil War rifle fire accounted for most battle casualties.’
    • ‘Similarly, all genera have some sort of anterior conoid like structure associated with predation or intracellular insertion in the Apicomplexa.’
    sharp, spear-like, needle-like, spear-shaped, v-shaped, tapering, tapered, cone-shaped, conic, conical, acute, sharp-cornered, wedge-shaped, sharp-edged, edged, jagged, spiky, spiked, barbed
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  • A conoid object.

    ‘her hull was a conoid, tapering toward the bow’
    • ‘One step required knowing the location of the centre of gravity of any segment of a parabolic conoid.’
    • ‘Optimization indicates that the ancestors at nodes marking the divergence of kathablepharids and alveolates possessed ‘conoids.’’
    • ‘The conoid of apicomplexans is considered here to be the same character as the feeding apparatus of perkinsids, perhaps suctorian ciliates, and kathablepharids.’