Definition of connubiality in US English:



  • See connubial

    • ‘So if you practice Catholicism, and wish to remain a Catholic, you must honor the connubiality of the Eucharist.’
    • ‘People are now aware that maintaining a marriage requires skill, and no longer believe stable connubiality depends merely on a marriage license and children.’
    • ‘The law of Land regulates the right of the free man - including countrymen - in matters of freehold, heritage, connubiality, neighbourhood and so on, the feudal law regulates the relationship between the classes.’
    • ‘And perhaps that's why I did what I did, that interminable January, putting hearth and home and 40 years of relatively blissful connubiality, to say nothing of children's inheritance, at risk.’
    • ‘No matter our culture, class, connubiality, community, or conviviality we as Christians are unified in our profession of Christ as Lord.’