Definition of connective tissue in US English:

connective tissue


  • Tissue that connects, supports, binds, or separates other tissues or organs, typically having relatively few cells embedded in an amorphous matrix, often with collagen or other fibers, and including cartilaginous, fatty, and elastic tissues.

    • ‘A septum of connective tissue separates the circular muscle layers of the pylorus and duodenum.’
    • ‘They are arranged in bundles, separated by sheets of connective tissue containing collagen.’
    • ‘Fibrosis is the replacement of functional hepatic tissue with nonfunctional connective tissue.’
    • ‘This demonstrates that limb muscle cells have a different lineage to that of limb connective tissues (cartilage and tendons).’
    • ‘One of the special connective tissues, adipose tissue, serves as a reservoir of energy and as a soft packing in potential spaces and for organs.’