Definition of conn in English:


(also con)


  • Direct the steering of (a ship)

    ‘he hadn't conned anything bigger than a Boston whaler’
    • ‘Why is the term ‘bridge’ used to signify the place from where a ship is conned?’
    • ‘Together they stood in the foretops and conned the ship in through the seething maelstrom of the equatorial current.’
    • ‘Then the lanky, bearded boatswain would take the helm while the captain conned the ship from one bridge wing or the other, with the chief engineer at his elbow’


the conn
  • The action or post of conning a ship.

    ‘I quickly took the conn and restored the channel course’
    • ‘In season one episode one, he's simply a conn officer.’
    • ‘Jetrel said getting out of the command chair and went over to the conn station.’
    • ‘As rapidly as he had walked before, he went to the Directorate, and took the conn.’
    • ‘‘Take the con,’ Saffron said, issuing what was probably the first order she'd ever given in her life.’
    • ‘Now, Mr. Morton, you have the conn and I have to get back to SickBay if I'm to be there when my son is born!’
    • ‘Cursing at the grueling task ahead of her she took out the Panel bolt ejector and began removing the outdated panel from the conn station.’
    • ‘The backup conn console across from Aaron exploded in a shower of sparks.’
    • ‘Cameron spends most of the film at the conn of a submarine, bathed in powder-blue light.’
    • ‘For example, his combat information center officer and operations officer had the conn through most of the Suez transit.’
    • ‘An announcement came over the intercom: ‘QM1 Grob has the conn.’’


Early 17th century: apparently a weakened form of obsolete cond conduct, guide from Old French conduire, from Latin conducere (see conduce).