Definition of conjugality in US English:



  • See conjugal

    • ‘But she'd been taught love was a basis of conjugality, not emergency and fear of the unfamiliar.’
    • ‘In his vest pocket Jeremiah carried a leather-bound book; for each woman he examined, he penned three numbers: their amativeness, adhesiveness, and conjugality, rated from one to seven.’
    • ‘The latter is condemned as the loathsome embodiment of their abject desecration, the ‘dark side’ of the ‘American dream’ of affluence and opportunity for all, believed to flow from morality anchored in conjugality and work.’
    • ‘They shun the marriage counselor and wastewater treatment and harm the conjugality of watershed love.’
    • ‘Privileging conjugality over consanguinity, contrary to African realities, is responsible for misreadings of the statuses of African women and their conditions of life.’