Definition of conic in English:



  • Of or like a cone.

    • ‘He is magically deft in the conic perspective of their open bosoms; in the glazed sheen of their blonde braided hair; in spanning the capaciousness of their tumbling satin trappings.’
    • ‘The endosperm cap (the testa included) was placed on the needle and was pierced by moving the needle down into a polyvinyl chloride block with a conic hole with a minimum diameter of 0.7 mm.’
    • ‘In 1865 he submitted his doctoral dissertation on a new method to determine the characteristics of conic systems to the University of Copenhagen.’
    • ‘Catching it temporarily gives you the ability to capture alien ships with a conic beam much in the same way that the aliens could capture your ship in the old arcade game.’
    • ‘The conic hand is usually medium sized and the palm is slightly tapering.’
    • ‘Intentional or not, they show the building again is a textually dense project combining the text of language with the text of conic fragments from the culture of art and architecture.’
    • ‘Conic aspheres can also be tested with spherical wavefronts at their conic conjugate points.’
    • ‘At a zero field condition, the liquid crystal in the droplets was bistable, that is, the liquid crystal can be in either the reflecting planar state or the scattering focal conic state.’
    • ‘The square or useful hand, the spatulate or active hand, the philosophic or knotty hand, the conic or artistic hand, the psychic or idealistic hand, the mixed hand, and the elementary or lowest hand.’
    • ‘The stem presents two conic shape figures and a oval sphere.’
    • ‘However, the achievement of an conic architecture through a sculptural approach does come at some cost - the most obvious being that the abstraction wrought by an unbroken skin prohibits permeability between interior and exterior.’
    • ‘On a German distributor's page they have different types: those with increasing pull and others with conic reels to balance the rising spring force.’
    • ‘The conic shape of the eight small cyclones around the top of each vacuum creates a dramatic shape, but they are in place to serve a purpose first.’
    • ‘How this connects up to conventional conic orbits is not entirely clear.’
    • ‘Modernism is assumed to be a series of separate known conic elements and glittering remains.’
    • ‘The device looks like a conic bulb, which is connected to a discharge pump.’
    • ‘As an urban design gesture it works as large, slow tempo pedal notes, allowing the refurbished stables to act as an conic flourish on Macquarie Street.’
    sharp, spear-like, needle-like, spear-shaped, v-shaped, tapering, tapered, cone-shaped, conical, acute, sharp-cornered, wedge-shaped, sharp-edged, edged, jagged, spiky, spiked, barbed
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  • See also conics
    short for conic section
    • ‘If the sides of a polygon are restricted so that they pass through fixed points and all the vertices except one lie on fixed straight lines, the free vertex will describe a conic or a straight line.’
    • ‘If all the vertices of a hexagon lie on a conic, and if the opposite sides intersect, then the points of intersection lie on a line.’
    • ‘The book contains a wealth of information concerning the projective geometry of conics and quadrics.’
    • ‘In many cases, the result is that the edge of the source is imaged to the edge of the receiver, and the reflector profile that performs the mapping is an off-axis conic.’
    • ‘This theorem shows that if a cone is intersected by a plane in a conic, then the foci of the conic are the points where this plane is touched by the spheres inscribed in the cone.’


Late 16th century: from modern Latin conicus, from Greek kōnikos, from kōnos ‘cone’.