Definition of congruence in English:



  • Agreement or harmony; compatibility.

    ‘the results show quite good congruence with recent studies’
    • ‘Until now America has never had an almost complete congruence between ideological and party identities.’
    • ‘From coincidence, to congruence, to harmony, to synergy, the two films have to stand the new ground that they cut.’
    • ‘More momentously, geometric proofs are guided by our deep ability to see points, lines, shapes and their symmetries, similarities and congruences.’
    • ‘High interpersonal congruence should foster harmonious and productive interactions for at least two reasons.’
    • ‘That is, in order to be homologous, structures must satisfy the tests of similarity, congruence and conjunction.’
    compatibility, consistency, conformity, match, balance, consonance, rapport, parallelism, congruity
    agreement, concord, accord, consensus, unanimity, harmony, unison, unity, concert
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