Definition of congresswoman in English:



  • A female member of Congress, especially a female member of the US House of Representatives.

    ‘we wrote the congresswoman voicing our concerns’
    [as title] ‘Congresswoman Maxine Waters’
    • ‘As a former congresswoman famously remarked, a woman can push a button just as easily as a man.’
    • ‘Well, first, congratulations to you, congresswoman.’
    • ‘A leading U.S. senator and a leading U.S. congresswoman weigh in.’
    • ‘This first-term, Republican congresswoman from Washington state is seriously trying to get the corrupting power of Big Money out of American politics.’
    • ‘The Southeast Missouri congresswoman said several lawmakers were out of the room when the party leadership suddenly called for a voice vote on the issue.’
    • ‘A Florida man has been charged with attempting to run over a controversial Republican congresswoman with his car.’
    • ‘A rancher, social activist, and Arizona's first congresswoman, she spent several years after World War I helping a group of veterans run a furniture-making business.’
    • ‘Eventually the whole story gets caught up in politics, with angry pro-life protestors waving pictures of dead fetuses at the weeping girl, whose cause has been taken up by a brave and kind Democratic congresswoman.’
    • ‘And why one leading congresswoman who strongly supports free trade has come out strongly opposed to the latest so-called free trade agreement.’
    • ‘He also heard that he should stop talking about this congresswoman who was getting upset about the things he was saying about her.’
    • ‘A national commission chaired by a Democratic former congresswoman recommended reducing human inflows by a third.’
    • ‘The former Republican congresswoman from Florida, who specialized in defense issues, died today of complications from a brain hemorrhage.’