Definition of congressman in US English:



  • A member of Congress, especially a member of the US House of Representatives.

    ‘senators and congressmen joined in a standing ovation’
    as title ‘Congressman Bob Smithers’
    • ‘Liberal congressmen and the public employees' unions are hostile to the plan.’
    • ‘But he also has to do what he did with the Republican senators and congressmen yesterday.’
    • ‘Anyway, the real life guy became a congressman or a senator or something.’
    • ‘I've never believed that governors and senators and congressmen can really deliver states.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, our senators and congressmen have not been smart enough or well prepared enough to do the job.’
    • ‘Any congressman who tries to stonewall on this will be subject to an immediate recall movement.’
    • ‘This is a bipartisan group of congressmen and senators who are looking into this.’
    • ‘As the congressman told us of his need to leave, I began waving furiously from my side of the building in my work clothes.’
    • ‘If she wanted him to meet with a senator or a congressman, we had to change his schedule to do it.’
    • ‘Today everyone from congressmen to city councilmen treat the drugmakers like a flock of geese.’
    • ‘Rarely has the role of corporate money in buying congressmen and their votes been so nakedly on display as in the promotion of this measure.’
    • ‘When we come back, we will talk with two congressmen and one member of the Senate.’
    • ‘If you are not raising money, the congressman implies, you are a political target waiting to be hit.’
    • ‘This is an off-year election, meaning we choose senators and congressmen, not a president.’
    • ‘On one occasion, the congressman even arranged a blind date, but nothing became of it.’
    • ‘Most of the South's governors and three-fifths of its congressmen are now Republican.’
    • ‘The measures that have been taken are calculated to intimidate not only the general public, but the congressmen and senators as well.’
    • ‘The congressman in fact had actually paid his taxes; he was just habitually late about it.’
    • ‘Privately, many senators and congressmen have a similar feeling.’
    • ‘Why do you suppose senators are held in slightly higher esteem than congressmen?’