Definition of conformance in English:



  • another term for conformity
    • ‘Therefore, the conformance of all currencies' long term and short-term trends vs gold is literally 100% - again except for the rand.’
    • ‘To qualify for a label, a certified professional engineer is required to verify the building's energy performance and confirm that the indoor environment is in conformance with industry standards.’
    • ‘Over time, behavior in conformance with a new rule may itself become habitual.’
    • ‘These mock-ups are then rigorously tested for conformance to the performance criteria established by the architects.’
    • ‘Finally, firms that were more dependent on constituencies that valued conformance with legitimate practices should have been less likely to downsize.’
    • ‘Of course, such an approach implies the need to keep not only student grade registers in various disciplines, but also registers reflecting the degree of conformance of student training standards to qualifying requirements.’
    • ‘In conformance with his theory, he chose Kora, who was indeed beautiful in her youth, as his life partner.’
    • ‘In short, a huge portion of the policy landscape is - or can be - tested in real-time for conformance.’
    • ‘If the investor did not need to receive long-term gains and had rebalanced every six months, the overall gain would have increased and also the conformance to the original asset percentage would have improved.’
    • ‘He noted that FDA - legitimately and in conformance with the act - includes a consumer representative on advisory committees.’
    • ‘However, the poor conformance to Web accessibility guidelines is presumably due to a lack of information and a misunderstanding of their importance on the part of content designers and authors.’
    • ‘The assessment will also identify modifications that can be made in those systems to improve their cost-effectiveness and reduce the risk of re-offense in conformance with justice, public safety and constitutional requirements.’
    • ‘Peter, for his part, outlines the shape of Christian duty in just these terms of mutual subjection in his First Epistle, but now stated explicitly as offering the means of our conformance to Christ.’
    • ‘If so, he betrayed an inflexible conformance with previously established plans, an inability to seize advantage of unpredicted breaks.’
    • ‘Compliance audits look for conformance to a set of established rules.’
    • ‘If countries align their standards, this will lead to mutual recognition of conformance testing, an important issue to ensuring that standardisations are not used as non-tariff barriers.’
    • ‘The approval is based on conformance testing, not quality or functionality, however, but it's important to ensure users know that an application will work.’
    • ‘We do agree that there are situations when tree felling has to be undertaken, but this has to be based on a planned assessment, involving public feedback mechanisms and certainly in conformance with the laws as applicable.’
    • ‘Maintaining confidence in our standards, and in the conformance of the same, with their associated infrastructure, is very, very important to New Zealand and to New Zealanders.’
    • ‘Further exploration indicates that products that passed conformance testing often failed when linked together.’