Definition of conflux in US English:



  • another term for confluence
    • ‘A world which is ‘conceived and grasped as picture’ distinguishes itself in terms of the conflux of absence in seeming presence.’
    • ‘The corrupt and opulent nobles of Rome gratified every vice that could be collected from the might conflux of nations and manners, they lived without restraint in the patient and humble society of their slaves and parasites.’
    • ‘With their resolved conflux of curves and jutting appendages, the sculptures emulate the darting intricacies of active vision.’
    • ‘Today Shanghai is the conflux of many multinational companies, some of which have set up their China headquarters here.’
    • ‘It's the messy conflux of self interest and ideology that makes politics so damned fun.’


Early 17th century: from late Latin confluxus, from con- ‘together’ + fluxus (see flux).