Definition of conflict-free in US English:



  • 1Not involving or characterized by serious disagreement or argument.

    ‘the separation was smooth and conflict-free’
    ‘a post-Marxist ideal of a classless, conflict-free society’
    • ‘In Samoa, adolescence is a generally conflict-free period of transition to adulthood.’
    • ‘Not all these markets are in stable, conflict-free, democratic countries.’
    • ‘The Natural Law Party, being based on meditative calm, calls in its platform for conflict-free politics.’
    • ‘The causes are rooted in the inability of capitalism to overcome its contradictions in a peaceful and conflict-free manner.’
    • ‘They agree that the first album was the easiest and most conflict-free record the band have ever made.’
    • ‘People want a conflict-free work environment, they are naturally conflict averse.’
    • ‘As a teacher, Susan indulges girls' preference for conflict-free mental challenges.’
    • ‘The guys seem to get along great, however, with such a successful band, it would be far from ordinary to be conflict-free.’
    • ‘You can't live in a conflict-free world.’
    • ‘Concentrate on deepening your connection with one or two relatives at a family gathering rather than expecting the entire event to be conflict-free.’
    • ‘Couples don't realise that life as a singleton is far more fulfilling and conflict-free.’
    tranquil, calm, restful, pleasant, quiet, still, relaxing, soothing, sleepy, silent, soundless, hushed, noiseless, undisturbed, untroubled, private, secluded, solitary, isolated, free from disturbance, free from interference, free from interruption
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  • 2Denoting or relating to a diamond or other mineral that has not been mined in an area of armed conflict and traded illicitly to finance the fighting.

    ‘when we were shopping for a ring we were looking for conflict-free diamonds’
    ‘these systems will enable companies to know with certainty that the minerals they are buying are really conflict-free’
    ‘the tin and tantalum are extracted from conflict-free mines’
    • ‘So, in addition to carat, color, clarity and cut, there will now be a fifth "C" to designate conflict-free quality.’
    • ‘So, it's hard to know if your electronic device is conflict-free.’
    • ‘An agreement has been signed to add a new "ethical" label for diamonds to indicate they originated from a conflict-free source.’
    • ‘Here in Botswana, the world's largest diamond producer, all the mining is mechanized and above all, conflict-free.’
    • ‘The high-tech sector is working to ensure conflict-free sourcing of minerals.’
    • ‘We sell a conflict-free diamond bracelet and donate half of the profits to the fund.’
    • ‘The best thing that we can all do is to contact directly the big electronic companies, and just tell them, we would like our products to be conflict-free.’
    • ‘The company is also at the forefront of a joint effort that will help our suppliers source conflict-free materials.’
    • ‘Members are asked only to trade with each other, to inspect each other, and to certify every shipment of rough diamonds as conflict-free.’
    • ‘Consumers are advised to inquire as to whether the diamonds they purchase are conflict-free.’
    • ‘Members must meet extensive requirements to certify that their diamonds are conflict-free.’