Definition of confectioner in US English:



  • A person whose occupation is making or selling candy and other sweets.

    • ‘Rogers had no intention of being a confectioner.’
    • ‘Commercial chocolates also add more sugar than do local confectioners.’
    • ‘Others were seamstresses, barkeeps, gardeners, washerwomen, and confectioners.’
    • ‘The two topping the list are chocolate confectioners.’
    • ‘And confectioners always put chocolate peanuts and chocolate sultanas in together and it's hard to tell the difference, and this is bad for me, because I love chocolate sultanas.’
    • ‘It's after all the time when bakers and confectioners in the city polish up their pastry-making tools to create fluffy, icing-lined works of art that tempt the hardiest soul.’
    • ‘During the years that Page kept his letter book toys were sold by toy dealers, confectioners, importers, and general merchants.’
    • ‘She was just about to go to the confectioners and buy Frank some of the dark chocolate truffles he liked so much when out of the corner of her eye she saw someone striding forcefully towards her.’
    • ‘Terry was a confectioner by trade and was an employee of Portlaw Bakery; from there she moved to further her career in Dublin.’
    • ‘The monks met a confectioner who started to produce the Pontefract cakes as sweets, which are still sold today.’
    • ‘The handmade Belgian chocolates are available from Kirkwall confectioners Nimms, after being previewed at last weekend's annual Taste of Orkney Food Festival.’
    • ‘The smooth Asian flavors complemented the mildness of the fish, while the rice flakes gave the dish an exotic confectioner's crunch.’
    • ‘The head baker was Paddy Maher and several confectioners were on duty there too.’
    • ‘Fifty-five years later, a group of bakers and confectioners have constructed a replica of the Gateway, using not brick and stone, but 40 bags of sugar weighing as much as four tonnes.’
    • ‘After she trained as a confectioner, widow Mrs Smith worked in a number of shops selling confectionery, pies and sandwiches.’
    • ‘These are the confectioner's tricks of the trade - use them wisely.’
    • ‘Whey-based coatings also could one day stand in for the confectioner's glaze that coats a number of today's chocolate products.’
    • ‘Recently, a number of mass confectioners make ‘limited versions’ of nationwide products specially for a specific area.’
    • ‘Efforts by tobacco companies to stop confectioners selling candy cigarettes in packs resembling cigarette brands seem to have been minimal.’