Definition of confabulatory in US English:



  • See confabulate

    • ‘Jones's skillfully woven novel is filled with colorful characters which somehow also achieve three-dimensionality; its stories are sometimes what Harlan calls ‘confabulatory’ but still manage both credibility and poignancy.’
    • ‘He confided to me in a loud confabulatory whisper.’
    • ‘So to enter the example of Korsakoff's psychosis, this is also known as confabulatory amnesia, which has essentially two features: the one is that the patient is unable to lay down any new memories.’
    • ‘Nor were they confabulatory like this patient with viral encephalitis, whose short term memory lasted several minutes.’
    • ‘Individual differences in hypnotic ability were associated with erroneous and confabulatory recall in the hypnosis and CI conditions but not in the MRR condition.’