Definition of coned in English:



  • 1Conical.

    • ‘The kampongs stand out for their traditional architecture, known as Tikal, where the houses have coned roofs similar to kuncungan houses in other parts of East and Central Java.’
    • ‘It was like a spiked metal rod, a sort of spear, except the spike was in a coned shape.’
    • ‘‘You're saying it so I don't need to,’ I retorted crisply, managing to pull one arm away and smack Jonny on top of his coned head.’
    • ‘From the hilltop, we could see Lake Nicaragua and the twin-coned volcanic island of Ometepe.’
    • ‘Gunshotwounds through the skull, ribs, sternum and pelvic bones mayleave coned defects with a smaller hole on the entry side of thebony plate and a larger bevelled defect on the other side’
    • ‘Echinacea purpurea has large brown coned daisy like flowers from July to September or October and grows from 90 cm to 1.5cm with rough green leaves.’
    • ‘Donning coned Mohawks, dirty t-shirts and dirtier pants, they portrayed the best street-punk image of the day.’
    • ‘Look for the addition of an Ultra Eclipse with short grip frame and 3-inch coned barrel.’
    • ‘Remove all of the wheels and then reinstall them, flipped over so that the short side of the coned edge faces toward the inside.’
    • ‘A coned wheel looks significantly shaved off on one side, usually the inside edge.’
    • ‘There are street of tailors sewing rags on ancient Singers, alleys of people weaving sweet-smelling grass, making traditional dining plates with coned covers.’
    • ‘Basically, you have a tube that by virtue of a coned nose section, centers itself in the chamber of any bolt action rifle from .17 Rem. to .50 BMG.’
    • ‘Like the Springfield, the Model 70 had a coned breech which helped funnel cartridges into the chamber.’
    • ‘It uses the Mauser-type claw extractor with controlled round feeding, a coned breech and mechanical ejection.’
    • ‘A properly coned touch-hole funnels the flash to the main charge insuring quick and consistent ignition.’
    1. 1.1 Having cones.
      in combination ‘the big-coned southern California pine’
      • ‘The oldest living trees are bristle-coned pines; some are still growing and more than 5000 years old.’
      • ‘There's also shade from some sort of large coned pine tree in the garden behind and a slightly invasive mulberry tree.’
      • ‘The culms are often coned at the base and have few branches.’
      • ‘The commission has also produced guidelines for the management of coniferous woodlands which encourage the planting of large coned coniferous trees.’
      • ‘We also grow a range of perennials with daisy type flowers such as Rudbeckia with its black coned, golden daisies, Leucanthemum in several forms and Erigeron (fleabane).’
  • 2Wound on a cone.

    ‘a coned yarn’
    • ‘For many years we were one of the largest stockists of knitting machines and coned yarns in the UK.’
    • ‘We also stock kilt hose, christening shawls, bedjackets, tartan scarves, ties etc. hand dyed wool and coned yarn for knitters and weavers.’
    • ‘A large range of haberdashery, coned yarn, spare parts and accessories are available.’