Definition of condonable in US English:



  • See condone

    • ‘The Ministry of Finance contended that in all but one case the shortfall was within the condonable limits.’
    • ‘A complete list of condonable breaches is, therefore, circulated to all concerned for guidance and necessary action.’
    • ‘What I saw was not condonable, for he did not deserve forgiveness for such an atrocious deed such as this wanton destruction.’
    • ‘The issue of alleged nuclear proliferation, though not condonable, was also overblown by the West and a section of the country's Press with a purpose.’
    • ‘While Madame Thénardier's actions are certainly not condonable, Hugo hints at another, more positive dimension of her character, but neglects to explore it.’
    • ‘Greed, after all, is a fairly common human failing, not always condonable but hardly a hanging offence.’