Definition of conditioner in English:



  • 1A substance or appliance used to improve or maintain something's condition.

    ‘add a water conditioner to neutralize chlorine’
    • ‘I need more British conditioners, motivators, coaches and managers to get on my wavelength.’
    • ‘For cost-effective moisturizers and nail conditioners, he might consider products originally designed for the farm.’
    • ‘If you plan to stain end the grain, apply a wood conditioner before staining so the end won't soak up too much stain.’
    • ‘After washing and drying the item is complete, rub a good leather conditioner into the fabric.’
    • ‘Speaking of mulch, apply a thick layer of organic compost, steer manure or redwood soil conditioner to improve soil throughout the garden.’
    • ‘Ideally you want manure from horses bedded on straw, since the straw soaks up urine and rots down with the manure to produce a great conditioner.’
    • ‘Thomas, 34 today, has been involved in just three games since re-joining York as their conditioner at the start of the season.’
    • ‘For the interior, use a leather or vinyl conditioner.’
    • ‘Use bonfire ash as a conditioner for heavy soil; it adds potash to help fruit and flowers.’
    • ‘Coat conditioners that contain an oil base are beneficial for both the coat and skin.’
    • ‘As you are bowling, the lane conditioner is wearing off the lane.’
    • ‘With diesels it's important the radiator fluid had a conditioner added at the right service interval.’
    • ‘When this material is used as a fertilizer and soil conditioner, the dilution of the manure with the litter material should be considered.’
    • ‘We get bromine from pesticides, dough conditioners, and from disinfectants for water in hot tubs and commercial spas.’
    • ‘They also had the likes of Kevin Ward and Apollo Perelini, who is their conditioner now.’
    • ‘Water softeners and conditioners work in different ways, but neither will have much effect on removing scale from a central heating system.’
    • ‘These are used in detergents, flour conditioners, some pharmaceuticals and meat tenderizers.’
    • ‘Motorists should use a gas line antifreeze and fuel conditioners for vehicles with diesel engines.’
    • ‘I use a tap water conditioner that removes chlorine (breaks the chlorine bond) and detoxifies heavy metals.’
    • ‘When you combine the corn syrup with a water conditioner or surfactant system, you get synergies that help in the movement and performance of the product.’
    1. 1.1A liquid applied to the hair after shampooing to improve its condition.
      ‘conditioner will protect your hair from damage’
      • ‘Wash and condition with… volumizing shampoos and conditioners.’
      • ‘Next week, we'll investigate how shampoos and conditioners help keep your hair in tip-top shape and discuss how permanents, chemical relaxers, and dyes alter your hair's natural structure.’
      • ‘Maintain your new look with color-preserving shampoos and conditioners.’
      • ‘She ran the shampoo and conditioner through her hair with her fingers and gently washed it out.’
      • ‘However, the aisle saleslady promoting shampoos and hair conditioners need not spend quite so long trying to convince totally bald men which brand they should try next.’
      • ‘Instead, use shampoos, conditioners and hairsprays specially formulated for synthetic wigs.’
      • ‘Shampoos and conditioners for color-treated hair help strengthen your hair after coloring, making your color more vibrant and long-lasting.’
      • ‘After shampooing, avoid creamy conditioners, which leave a noticeable buildup.’
      • ‘Instead use light hairsprays with conditioners and sunscreen.’
      • ‘Fatty alcohols (like stearyl and cetyl) found in shampoos and conditioners help hydrate hair.’
      • ‘Our bathroom was full of various types of hair shampoo and conditioners and glass jars full of pastel coloured cotton wool balls.’
      • ‘Use shampoos and conditioners formulated for color-treated hair to prevent fading.’
      • ‘I find salon shampoos and conditioners give me better results than drug store brands.’
      • ‘The fragrance is of the shampoo and conditioner they always used on our hair with the soft fragrance of apricots that now clings to my strawberry hair.’
      • ‘Whether your hair is dry or greasy, the following shampoos and conditioners will tame that mane of yours for good.’
      • ‘I took a shower, making sure to lather a ton of shampoo and conditioner in my hair, and using my moisturizing body wash.’
      • ‘She sold bath additives, lotions, shampoos and conditioners, everything to pamper one's body.’
      • ‘Beside the tub was a shelf filled with bubble bath, shampoo, conditioners, odd bath gels, lotions, and powders.’
      • ‘Combine 8-ounce shampoos and conditioners, mousse and hairspray.’
      • ‘Some advocate no shampoo at all (especially for curly hair) just conditioner.’