Definition of condescension in US English:



  • An attitude of patronizing superiority; disdain.

    ‘a tone of condescension’
    ‘I'm treated with condescension’
    • ‘He knows Tom is not one of their breed and treats him with the condescension and snobbery that his privileged class affords him.’
    • ‘There's a lot you could say about this remark - its arrogance, its condescension.’
    • ‘The bombast, condescension, arrogance and swagger all seems slightly silly in retrospect.’
    • ‘It's like being called a eunuch or an old maid; one always hears that faint sneer of disdain and condescension mixed with pity.’
    • ‘Watching it, I found myself quietly appalled by the smugness, condescension and bogus rhetoric on display.’
    superciliousness, superiority, scorn, disdain, loftiness, airs, lordliness, haughtiness, imperiousness, snobbishness, snobbery
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