Definition of condensable in US English:



  • See condense

    • ‘First, the work - if it contains inspiration, glee, sorrow; if it is complex, actually provocative or disturbing - is not easily condensable to those three paragraphs allowed the script-reader.’
    • ‘Methane acts much as water does on Earth, it's a condensable greenhouse gas, it's close to the temperature at which it forms a liquid on the surface.’
    • ‘As shown in Table 1, the refractory lithophiles and siderophiles constitute about 1 per cent by mass of the total condensable material (rock + ices) in the solar nebula.’
    • ‘But they also get booked because they're quick with the quote: they help to feed an omnivorous media machine hungry for thoughts condensable into a dozen words that will make one side or another angry.’
    • ‘Each of these options may change the mass that would be counted as condensable particulate matter.’