Definition of concretism in US English:



  • The theory or practice of concrete poetry, in which the visual arrangement of words in patterns or forms on the page takes precedence over the semantic or phonetic elements involved.

    • ‘Among the diverse techniques and theories, modernism, concretism, and even some ‘parnasianisms,’ formalistic concerns are revisited.’
    • ‘In musical concretism, a material or concrete sound is one which reveals its affinity to the source of the sound.’
    • ‘The idea here was to avoid doing what the visual poem up till concretism had always done: make the visual follow on from the verbal.’
    • ‘Thus an indeterminate composition approaches greater concretism by allowing nature to complete its form in its own course.’
    • ‘Quite a number of useful industrially manufactured everyday objects have been given functional, rational and therefore beautiful forms in the spirit of concretism.’