Definition of concrete jungle in English:

concrete jungle


  • A modern city or urban area, especially when perceived as an unpleasant or challenging place to live.

    • ‘Bulldozers are waiting to transform the quiet suburb into a concrete jungle in a bid to meet the growing housing needs of the area.’
    • ‘Living in a concrete jungle like Singapore, it seems like Nature is some distant concept in space and, well, budget.’
    • ‘He is more like a spiderman in the modern concrete jungle of the city.’
    • ‘Now, here I am, fighting dragons, just like Gavin, but living in the city, a concrete jungle and I've lost that feeling of serenity.’
    • ‘‘But as we can see now, the whole area has turned into a concrete jungle where residential areas are confronted with shopping malls,’ he told the Post.’
    • ‘But there are limits to the number of new or wider roads that can be constructed, and the approaches to towns and cities are already becoming a concrete jungle.’
    • ‘Admittedly, I worry that once I'm back in New York City, the concrete jungle I call home, my newly revived spirits will wither.’
    • ‘So now the city's got yet another excuse to abandon the concrete jungle and run for the villages.’
    • ‘For instance, the visitors would never have expected to witness Indian cities take the shape of concrete jungles, erasing all the traces of its culture.’
    • ‘Many see it as an urban wonder - a green oasis against the concrete jungle.’
    • ‘The green canopy of Kochi is getting eroded as the city is fast turning into a concrete jungle.’
    • ‘The park enables city dwellers to remove themselves from the concrete jungle of the city and immerse themselves in a serene natural environment, particularly in the forested regions.’
    • ‘It goes without saying that development is often at the cost of the environment, replacing green spaces in big cities with concrete jungles.’
    • ‘Drawn into the chaos of a development paradox, the capital city is slowly surrendering its characteristic old-world charm to the concrete jungle.’
    • ‘It's city life without being in a concrete jungle.’
    • ‘He said the higher density was creating ‘a concrete jungle here’.’
    • ‘For them, the city is a concrete jungle, and humans can be very dangerous for them.’
    • ‘Urbanisation led to more taller and bigger buildings and broader roads, making towns virtual concrete jungles.’
    • ‘Others fear they could miss out on tourism and see beautiful scenic towns buried under concrete jungles.’
    • ‘The dependence started in the 1960s when the tiny fishing villages along the coast were transformed into concrete jungles.’
    big city, conurbation, megalopolis, urban sprawl, concrete jungle
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concrete jungle

/ˌkänˈkrēt ˈjəNGɡəl/