Definition of conclusively in US English:



  • 1In a decisive way that has the effect of proving a case.

    ‘the story had been conclusively debunked’
    ‘I have shown conclusively that there was no such epidemic’
    • ‘It has been conclusively demonstrated that animal welfare will be compromised by the abolition of hunting.’
    • ‘He has argued, conclusively in my opinion, that its design belongs to architect Claude Perrault.’
    • ‘That line can never be clear, and the question is impossible to answer conclusively with reference to the field.’
    • ‘This movie has conclusively proven that some things are better left buried.’
    • ‘The results of this study did not indicate conclusively that "preconditioned" horses were better prepared for race training than the controls.’
    • ‘Based on this evidence, we can determine conclusively that the actor is worth half a damn.’
    • ‘He employs the lame gambit of saying that he doesn't need to answer them because they "have been conclusively refuted."’
    • ‘This bloc of nations has demonstrated conclusively that we are in a new era of trade policy.’
    • ‘Shellfish processors may be more willing to perform high pressure processing once it's been conclusively shown to inactivate norovirus.’
    • ‘Recent research has shown conclusively that whole systems of thought were transplanted to the Americas.’
    1. 1.1 In a way that is achieved easily or by a large margin.
      ‘wars are difficult to win conclusively’
      • ‘Labour's coming conclusively third in the popular vote means the option of a Liberal Democrat prime minister becomes credible.’
      • ‘They were in no danger of losing the title they had so conclusively won in 1974.’
      • ‘Such cowardly aggression will not be conclusively defeated there, or anywhere else.’
      • ‘This view of history was one of the few socialist ideas that had conclusively penetrated into their schools.’
      • ‘The shareholders voted conclusively (3,825 to 736) in favor of the sale.’
      • ‘Ever since I was conclusively beaten up in school, I've made the mature, clear-eyed choice to steer clear of physical conflict.’
      • ‘I don't believe any amount of no-fly-zone action is going to settle that civil war conclusively.’
      • ‘He is through, as completely and as conclusively as any athlete can be.’
      • ‘He conclusively stepped out of the low-budget film world with a major role in Thompson's next picture.’
      • ‘This outcome would destroy the dinosaurs' influence conclusively.’