Definition of concert pitch in US English:

concert pitch


  • 1A standard for the tuning of musical instruments, internationally agreed upon in 1960, in which the note A above middle C has a frequency of 440 Hz.

    • ‘Likewise, Maxwell noted the perfect likeness of atomic spectra on Earth and distant stars, ‘like tuning-forks all tuned to concert pitch,’ all cut to a universal measure.’
    • ‘Taking the 40Hz concert pitch and deciding on the other notes based on the Pythagorean description may result in something harmonious but is it right all the time.’
    • ‘A transposing instrument is a musical instrument whose music is written at a pitch different from concert pitch.’
    • ‘Roskilde was picked in part because, as well as its great organ, it possesses two additional Marcussen organs which work at concert pitch and the lower Baroque pitch.’
    • ‘The problem is, today, we don't have a Classical singing repertoire - No.1; No.2, the accepted concert pitch, or standard pitch, which is rising, is false.’
    1. 1.1 A state of readiness, efficiency, and keenness.
      ‘slightly unnerved by the contretemps, I was not at concert pitch’
      • ‘Pat Hughes had his string at concert pitch just in time for Galway.’
      • ‘Pietersen alone gets going; indeed, he is strung up to concert pitch.’
      • ‘Two good efforts this season should have brought Petanque to concert pitch and Andrew Tinkler's 3lb claim should also assist his cause.’
      • ‘They know he will stay the Epsom mile and a half and they are also aware that he will be produced at concert pitch when the big day arrives next month.’
      • ‘Both were high-strung, prone to excessive tension and endurance, and they lived at concert pitch.’
      • ‘Any swinging between now and the Olympic Games will be confined to a routine on the bars that has been honed to concert pitch.’


concert pitch

/kənˈsərt piCH/