Definition of Comtism in US English:



  • See Comte, Auguste

    • ‘If Comtism had spread the world would have been converted, not by the Comtist philosophy, but by the Comtist calendar.’
    • ‘When we look deeper the metaphysics, or philosophy, is that of Augustus Comte and later Thomas Huxley who developed a non-conformist version of Comtism to deliberately undermine Christian faith.’
    • ‘The morality of Comtism is inherited from Christianity, and without it would never have been.’
    • ‘Previous publications have focused on such journals as the Cornhill, the Westminster Review, the Fortnightly Review, and St. Pauls’ Magazine, and have discussed a range of issues, including Trollope as writer/editor, gender and masculinity, and the discourse of Comtism.’
    • ‘Thus, the grounds for the intellectual justification of socialism also varied considerably during this period, moving through Christianity, utilitarianism, evolutionary theory, natural rights theory, neo-classical economics, Comtism, Kantianism and Hegelianism.’