Definition of Comstockery in English:



  • Excessive opposition to supposed immorality in the arts; prudery.

    • ‘But she and others did not officially oppose Comstockery.’
    • ‘Every imaginable form of Comstockery is represented in this array of antichoice measures.’
    • ‘But what he might have made of the long-term consequences of his victory over Comstockery is open to question.’
    • ‘Bowdlerism, named after Dr Thomas Bowdler, has been around longer than Comstockery, named for Anthony Comstock.’
    • ‘The ‘puritan forebears’ who didn't drink, swear, gamble, or fool around are pretty much an invention of 19th and 20th century Comstockery.’


Named for Anthony Comstock (1844–1915), US author and reformer.