Definition of computerization in US English:


(British computerisation)


  • See computerize

    • ‘The regulatory rules were also sometimes oblivious to big economic changes and thus in effect rendered obsolete by new technologies like computerization or by persistent disorders like inflation.’
    • ‘But while I spearheaded the early drive for computerization and payments by electronic transfer, I did not myself use a PC although they had become common.’
    • ‘Along with computerization, the commission will be buying fleets of motorcycles and batteries of cellphones, to speed the relay of precinct tallies to regional and national tabulation centers.’
    • ‘Restructuring, aided by waves of computerization, meant wiping out entire layers of management, a process that was bloody and sometimes deeply unjust.’
    • ‘Such guidelines should cover the definition of a graveyard, a land-efficient burial system, the burial techniques employed, computerization of administration and fostering of a partnership pattern.’