Definition of computerist in US English:



  • A (frequent) user of computers.

    • ‘Here, the computerists feel safe from the predations of any nearby librarians or underfunded fellows.’
    • ‘When I teach adults to use computers, I tell them that teenagers make the best computerists.’
    • ‘The Altair did not disappear from the thoughts of the computerists and neither did the hardware they used.’
    • ‘The relatively simple scenario-builder permits the computerist to construct a battle from just about any historical period.’
    • ‘Not all of them are exclusive to computerists.’
    • ‘Despite computerists' best attempts to kill it with concepts like ‘the paperless office,’ paper lives.’
    • ‘Everywhere else, at least for the countries sampled - Germany, Hungary, South Korea, Macao, Singapore, Sweden, and the USA - the computerists had the clear lead in physical fitness, although in most countries by less than an hour lead.’
    • ‘Actually, no setbacks ever discourage the true-blue computerists, but more on that later.’
    • ‘You can use subdirectories (what graphical-environment types tend to call ‘folders’ these days, but us old-time computerists prefer the more technical term) within your site.’
    • ‘A Chulalongkorn University professor showed up at a meeting of hobby computerists to announce he had succeeded in connecting to the Internet.’
    • ‘Our status as compositionists and our status as computerists are intertwined.’
    • ‘We will still need the usability labs for this purpose every five years or so, when the next generation of eager computerists enters industry and needs convincing.’