Definition of computer conferencing in English:

computer conferencing


  • The use of computer and telecommunications technology to hold discussions between people operating computers in separate locations.

    • ‘Could it be that our earliest experiences with computer conferencing were not merely constrained by the primitive equipment then available, but also revealed the essence of electronically mediated education?’
    • ‘Corporate companies such as BP have made creative and intensive use of computer databases, computer conferencing, and Intranet services to promote breakthrough advances in learning by employees.’
    • ‘The value of collaborative learning through computer conferencing in independent-study distance education courses is still debatable.’
    • ‘The computer conferencing software keeps track of the messages you've read, so you can connect (log on) at your convenience to read only new messages or, if you choose, retrace the process of a discussion.’
    • ‘The expanding use of computer conferencing to facilitate instructor-student and student-student interaction provides a partial solution to this dilemma.’
    • ‘The communications technologies used in the Dissolving Boundaries project are email, computer conferencing and inter-active video conferencing.’