Definition of computationally in US English:



  • 1In a way that uses or relates to computers.

    ‘video images are processed computationally’
    • ‘They came up with their estimate by computationally assembling graphs which corresponded to all the saturated hydrocarbon backbones.’
    • ‘If these pages are computationally generated, then sooner or later the spam will overwhelm everything else.’
    • ‘A common means of modern encryption is a one-way system in which encryption is easy but decryption is computationally impractical.’
    • ‘The PCs and related video hardware are fairly cheap and computationally powerful.’
    • ‘They went out of their way to emphasize that they arrived at these designs computationally:’
    • ‘He deserves a lot of credit for going after the whole idea, and for having the fortitude to do so in the computationally deficient early 1960s.’
    • ‘When necessary, the images were computationally unbent, rescaled, and rotated.’
    • ‘I could point out a spam link or two, or what looked like a paid link, but could we computationally analyze a profile to determine how "natural" it was?’
    • ‘The first test used a single image which was then computationally shifted to produce a noise-free image pair.’
    • ‘One of the things that they are doing is computationally linking multiple resources together.’
  • 2In a way that relates to the process of mathematical calculation.

    ‘a computationally efficient algorithm’
    • ‘These complexes have long served as models to study general principals of molecular recognition, both experimentally and computationally.’
    • ‘Requiring accurate solution of the equation and proper treatment of molecular surface, this is computationally demanding.’
    • ‘These methods are computationally time-consuming and tend to sample limited regions of the free energy surface.’
    • ‘The distribution was confirmed computationally by plotting a time-scaled distribution against a time-scaled displacement from the mean.’
    • ‘The trajectory was computationally unstable because, apparently, the spin label and its crowded binding site were not adequately equilibrated.’
    • ‘To make the simulations computationally less demanding, we constructed a channel system using the following protocol.’
    • ‘The development of this theory has made it possible to quantify computationally all the electrostatic free energy components in the protein-DNA system.’
    • ‘Computationally, there is room for extending the calculations.’
    • ‘The tertiary fold of a protein is difficult to predict computationally without the aid of geometrical constraints.’
    • ‘This approach is experimentally tractable, in that it is both accurate and computationally simple enough to facilitate experiments requiring real-time feedback.’