Definition of compression in US English:



  • 1The action of compressing or being compressed.

    • ‘He also measured the amount of heat released during the compression and expansion of gases.’
    • ‘Treatment should be initiated as soon as spinal cord compression is diagnosed.’
    • ‘One way to mitigate the packet loss problem is through lossless data compression.’
    • ‘The most common causes of this syndrome are extrinsic compression of the superior vena cava and intraluminal venous thrombosis.’
    • ‘The added bonus of lossless audio compression is a boon for people who have good speakers and good ears.’
    • ‘Metastatic disease in the lumbar area can cause spinal cord compression.’
    • ‘By far, the most interoperable video compression technology in use today is MPEG, the Moving Pictures Experts Group.’
    • ‘Good healthy heart muscle is there but cannot function properly because of compression.’
    • ‘Upon compression, the fluorescent rims became broader and the dark areas smaller.’
    • ‘The deformation energy for stretching is smaller than for comparable compression.’
    • ‘The performance of an ABI is important for ruling out significant arterial occlusive disease before applying compression.’
    • ‘Lossless data compression is used for data that must not be changed even a single bit.’
    • ‘And what about that new video compression technology that will allow us to receive full-screen video over the Net?’
    • ‘There was no reduction in the incidence of spinal cord compression.’
    • ‘A hematoma usually results from multiple punctures and failure to apply adequate compression on the injured vessel.’
    • ‘Likewise, there is tension or relief from compression in the upper portion of the cell.’
    • ‘The compression of sea water under pressure is significant.’
    • ‘Such compression may be beneficial in reducing transmission time over the Internet.’
    • ‘To reach high surface pressures, the rate of compression must then exceed the rate of collapse.’
    • ‘Suspension bridges deal with compression by focusing it through the cables into to towers.’
    force, physical force, load, stress, thrust
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    1. 1.1 The reduction in volume (causing an increase in pressure) of the fuel mixture in an internal combustion engine before ignition.
      • ‘Now all you hear is the high pitched whine of the diesel engine in high compression.’
      • ‘The high temperature of the air, caused by the extreme compression, ignites the fuel.’
      • ‘The variable-geometry turbocharger ensures plenty of compression when needed.’
      • ‘The greater the compression of a diesel engine, the greater its power.’
      shortening, reduction, cutting, cutting down, cutting short, contraction, condensation, abridgement, truncation, clipping, cropping, paring down, pruning, shrinking, constricting, telescoping
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Late Middle English: via Old French from Latin compressio(n-), from comprimere ‘press together’ (see compress).