Definition of compressed air in US English:

compressed air


  • Air that has been compressed to a pressure higher than atmospheric pressure.

    • ‘Microjets can be powered by compressed air, thermal bubbles, and even acoustic waves.’
    • ‘Now with all the new plastics, even with thin wispy smoke you need compressed air breathing apparatus.’
    • ‘However, understanding what happens to your body when you go under water and breathe compressed air can be essential to your future well-being.’
    • ‘He asked them how they bought their energy and compressed air.’
    • ‘When a measurement was to be made, the two halves were closed simultaneously by two pumps operated by compressed air and magnetic valves.’
    • ‘It could take small samples in glass containers, balance them on a cushion of air, and send jets of compressed air that touched the outer surface.’
    • ‘Explaining the process, the statement said compressed air pulses generated behind the vessel send sound waves deep into the earth.’
    • ‘Here the water is atomised using high-pressure compressed air.’
    • ‘When the sensor is triggered, compressed air rapidly fills the air bags before the user hits the ground and reduces or prevents injury.’
    • ‘They treated the experimental tanks with varying concentrations of ozone or with compressed air containing little ozone.’
    • ‘As he did so a miniature grappling hook, powered by compressed air cylinders, launched itself into the air.’
    • ‘A sea lion cruised by me as I breathed compressed air ten metres under the surface of the sea near Victoria.’
    • ‘The compressed air initiates the missile's gyroscopes and is used as the coolant for the infrared detectors.’
    • ‘There was also a compressor with compressed air, so the firefighters were kept well back from the flames.’
    • ‘The pressure inside the hyperbaric chamber was achieved by compressed air.’
    • ‘I still say that his definition of compressed air as ‘solar power’ is quite wrong.’
    • ‘If more people knew that compressed air is solar energy, we would all be driving air cars now.’
    • ‘A confined jet of compressed air pressurizes the inspiratory airflow.’
    • ‘In this way, the universe cools as it expands, much as compressed air in a scuba tank cools when it is released and allowed to expand.’
    • ‘The root/soil system was pressurized with compressed air.’


compressed air

/kəmˈprest e(ə)r/