Definition of component in English:



  • 1A part or element of a larger whole, especially a part of a machine or vehicle.

    ‘stereo components’
    • ‘The internal combustion engine is an integral component of a vehicle and one that baffles many people.’
    • ‘This fruit is also an important component of many traditional Chinese medicines.’
    • ‘This is an integral component of the world games experience for the athletes.’
    • ‘The talent was outstanding and the cultural component was handled with the proper respect.’
    • ‘However, the company still sees the Waterford plant as a key component of its future growth.’
    • ‘One of the components on the card has been wasted and the machine will reboot without warning whenever it feels like it.’
    • ‘Now they were complaining the price of their imported components were too high.’
    • ‘All this is not separate from, but rather an important component of, good economic management.’
    • ‘If any one of these components fail, the whole system fails, certainly in an agricultural context.’
    • ‘Ascorbate is one of the most important components in both plants and animals.’
    • ‘The soft wrist phone has two components, the watch band and the removable phone module.’
    • ‘Today Raleigh merely assembles machines from components which are largely made abroad.’
    • ‘The advantages to shrinking and integrating the internal components of mobile phones are obvious.’
    • ‘It works because this record has a soul which welds its soiled components into a perfect whole.’
    • ‘The machines used to read the biometric component of those passports are not available.’
    • ‘To everyone's relief all the vehicles and components survived the trip without a single scratch.’
    • ‘Remove that component and the whole enterprise could fold, denying a further service to the community.’
    • ‘It is logical to have one or the other of these command and control elements in each component.’
    • ‘It is clear that dietary fibre is a key component in whole grain that delivers health benefits.’
    • ‘The structure consisted of a steel beam designed to represent an interior component of a vehicle.’
    part, piece, bit, constituent, element, ingredient
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    1. 1.1 Each of two or more forces, velocities, or other vectors acting in different directions which are together equivalent to a given vector.
      • ‘This presentation of the data shows the horizontal component of the relative movement of two blocks separated by a given fault.’
      • ‘Suppose that the vertical component of the force on the ground is constant and equal to amg.’
      • ‘Harriot resolved the forces acting on the projectile into horizontal and vertical components.’
      • ‘This in turn, because of the layout of the drive, would have imparted an upward component to the force of the car on the gate.’
      • ‘One is the vertical component generated by the effect of gravity on the suspended pipe.’


  • Constituting part of a larger whole; constituent.

    ‘light passed through a prism breaks up into its component colors’
    • ‘Rather, it is the component parts, the sum of the whole, that gives it the edge.’
    • ‘This is a world with many component elements but no visible unifying underpinning.’
    • ‘Grammar was the establishing of the relations between component parts of sentences.’
    • ‘Of all component parts of our modern societies, the army is that which most recalls the structure of inferior societies.’
    • ‘We no longer have to think of trade in terms of complete finished products but in terms of component parts.’
    • ‘The Russian entrepreneurs constitute a component part of the world capitalist elite.’
    • ‘The sole job of a spectroscope is to break light into a rainbow of its component colors.’
    • ‘The other issue is that social life appears to be too complex to be broken down into simple component parts that can then be examined in isolation.’
    • ‘But whenever you analyse performance in sport, you will find a whole heap of component parts.’
    • ‘One cannot predict the end result of a change in one component process in such a complex matrix.’
    • ‘That's fine, but the position of the sun is only one small component part of your natal chart as a whole.’
    • ‘Double bed is a tightly knit conceptual unit whose component parts cannot easily be separated.’
    • ‘Complex Phobias include phobias that have a number of component fears.’
    • ‘When you first start to make up pole rigs you will find you will need to buy a lot of small component parts to enable you to do the job easily.’
    • ‘The walls consist of component paintings arranged in a grid pattern that forms a whole.’
    • ‘From these data, the total score and two component scores were derived for each student.’
    • ‘Items scores were summed to produce a total unless data for any component question were missing.’
    • ‘Disassembling the guns to component pieces and clips, he set them all back onto the towel.’
    constituent, integral
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Mid 17th century: from Latin component- ‘putting together’, from the verb componere, from com- ‘together’ + ponere ‘put’. Compare with compound.