Definition of complicated in English:



  • 1Consisting of many interconnecting parts or elements; intricate.

    ‘a complicated stereo system’
    • ‘This is when you start adding in complicated elements to your work.’
    • ‘They seem no more than highly complicated computers with elements of randomness to me.’
    • ‘Finally, the peasants had to deal with a complicated system of officials and private agents who certainly did not work together very smoothly, and each one of whom never forgot his private interests.’
    • ‘They looked a little like hieroglyphics, but a lot more complicated.’
    • ‘The country has sophisticated forest legislation which is so complicated and intricate [it runs to 10,000 pages] that even forestry officials can hardly work it out.’
    • ‘He probably thought deep and philosophical things in his head that were too intricate and complicated to explain or talk about.’
    • ‘The background is simple enough - although it gets fiendishly complicated later on.’
    • ‘And this is the more so true because, in every strand of this complicated, intricate web of values meet the contending forces of partisan politics.’
    • ‘The transfer principle has a proof, but the proof is rather intricate, long, complicated, and a little boring.’
    • ‘Today gymnastics has become very complicated and girls perform elements that I or my fellow team members never dreamed of.’
    • ‘It's essential for language that you can always put together simple elements to make more complicated elements.’
    • ‘The money trail is, as are most money trails, a bit complicated.’
    • ‘Though there are no complicated rising signs or intricate charts to deal with, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year.’
    • ‘The mechanisms used by Enigma for encryption appear intricate and complicated, and a basic Enigma machine had over 10 possible keys which is more than some modern algorithms.’
    • ‘We are all for complicated elements but, I'd say, with an elegant style of performance.’
    • ‘These are intricate contraptions requiring complicated computer programming and meticulous physical refinement and testing.’
    • ‘The dishes have lost a central organising coherence and consist of multiple, disparate, complicated elements.’
    • ‘Gymnastics has rapidly developed during recent years and new complicated elements have been introduced.’
    • ‘The success of the London Underground map is in its portrayal of an exceedingly complicated system in a way that is mostly accurate and mostly useful.’
    • ‘Yes, in a way it resembled the shell of a snail, but this was much more intricate, complicated, and beautiful.’
    complex, intricate, involved, convoluted, tangled, elaborate, impenetrable, knotty, tricky, thorny, serpentine, labyrinthine, tortuous, cumbersome, byzantine, daedalian, gordian
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    1. 1.1 Involving many different and confusing aspects.
      ‘a long and complicated saga’
      • ‘You need a degree in applied math fully to understand the complicated way the different tariffs interact with one another but, generally, costs have been dropping at a reasonable rate.’
      • ‘He went on, however, to draw attention to what he described as one critical distinction, and in doing so may have created further confusion in this already complicated and difficult area.’
      • ‘A survey of small businesses has found that more than a quarter have admitted they made the wrong IT purchases because they were confused by overly complicated technical jargon.’
      • ‘As I said, why do companies have to make things so complicated?’
      • ‘It gets more complicated when countries with different cultures and values are included in the discussion.’
      • ‘It is simple to follow and will not confuse the reader with complicated jargon or difficult concepts, yet its potential benefits are large.’
      • ‘Many of course arrive here as refugees, which adds a further complex element to an already complicated situation.’
      • ‘That situation reflects the necessity of different approaches to capture different aspects of a very complicated historical and contemporary reality.’
      • ‘Even my views on physical punishment in the classroom are different and more complicated than your correspondent implies.’
      • ‘As you get to the more complicated and perplexing aspects of physical science you reach a quagmire in having a unified answer.’
      • ‘Some news items were too complicated to explain to the public.’
      • ‘Applying feng shui to your own home or work place need not be overly complicated nor expensive.’
      • ‘Avoid those who try to conceal what they are doing, tell you it's too complicated or use confusing and unnecessary jargon.’
      • ‘Life for him has become absolutely simple as it has become incredibly complicated for his spouse and family.’
      • ‘In fact, it is just too confusing and unnecessarily complicated.’
      • ‘You see this very, very deep ambivalence on both sides that I think makes the political situation very complicated.’
      • ‘The series was intended to look at this complicated issue from different angles.’
      • ‘There is a sense that in some intangible fashion the country is simply too big, too confusing, too complicated to be governed effectively.’
      • ‘I have to admit, you made things a bit more complicated for us.’
      • ‘A single-pointed approach is important when situations get complicated, confused or out of hand.’
      complex, intricate, involved, convoluted, tangled, elaborate, impenetrable, knotty, tricky, thorny, serpentine, labyrinthine, tortuous, cumbersome, byzantine, daedalian, gordian
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  • 2Medicine
    Involving complications.

    ‘complicated appendicitis’
    • ‘Outpatient treatment is not recommended in women with severe sepsis or complicated pyelonephritis, or in men.’
    • ‘Knowledge of Doppler flow velocimetry of the foetal MCA may assist in perinatal diagnosis and management of complicated pregnancies.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, women with complicated pregnancies requiring the services of an obstetrician have to travel three hours round trip to find a doctor.’
    • ‘In conclusion, it remains beyond doubt that treatment of empyema and complicated parapneumonic effusions is multidisciplinary.’
    • ‘Serotypes of isolates from 56 newborns after a preterm or complicated birth whose diagnosis was not specified, were not included in the study.’